deegree demos

deegree demos

These are hosted versions of the four official example workspaces for deegree webservices:

NOTE: For the hosted versions, access to the service console has been disabled. Also, support for transactional WFS or CSW requests is deactivated.

deegree INSPIRE Demo Workspace

A basic INSPIRE View and Download Services setup (> more info on usage of demo).

Start INSPIRE Demo

console workspace inspire2

deegree Utah-workspace

A web mapping setup based on data from the state of Utah (> more info on usage of demo).

Start Utah Demo 

console workspace utah2

deegree WPS-workspace

A WPS setup with simple example processes and example requests (> more info on usage of demo).

Start WPS Demo

console workspace wps3

deegree CSW-workspace

A CSW setup that complies to the ISO Application Profile (more info on usage of demo).

Start CSW Demo

console workspace csw6