NOTE: Please read the troubleshooting guidelines before filing an issue or asking a question on the mailing lists.

Issue Tracker

If you find a bug, or have a great idea for a feature or enhancement, please do report it in the issue tracker.

Note: The issue tracker on GitHub is only meant to keep track of bugs, feature request and other things related to the development of deegree. Please ask your questions about the use of deegree on the deegree users mailing list instead.

Community Support

We recommend to use GIS stackexchange for posting questions and looking for community support. Or post your inquiry to the deegree users mailing list.

Users mailing list

This is a discussion forum for all usage-related issues, like installation, deployment or specific tasks.

Developers mailing list

This is a discussion forum for all issues related to software development, like design, API usage, further development.

Source Code Repository and developer information

deegree’s source code is hosted on GitHub.


The current developer information are available in the GitHub wiki.

Archived: The old deegree wiki (outdated as of deegree version 3.2) was a collaborative support and documentation resource for the deegree project, as well as a means of communication between users and developers.


For joining TMC meetings or a sessions with a developer please join the IRC channel #deegree (irc:// or webchat

OSGeo project website

Further resources about the OSGeo project deegree can be found at the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and german translation at FOSSGIS e.V. (Local chapter of OSGeo for D-A-CH).